Maps of Eudora
by Idryll Tiddlycogs

Hello, hello, I'm Idryll Tiddlycogs of Hartwig!
It's my ambition, yes ambition, to cartografie everything from the Western Rift to the Eastern Rift. Using my Whirly Flyingmajig and Picture Mccapturefier, I've produced some of the most comprehensive maps of Eudora in existence!
Now, there's still a lot of surveying to be done, and with harsh conditions and jerk-ish dictators impeding my progress, there will be for a while yet, but mark my words: Idryll Tiddlycogs will not be hindered on the most noble ambition known to gnome!

Eudora's Political Borders (in progress)

Eudora's Physical Features (in progress)
So in progress it can't be revealed to anyone's eyes other than my own!

Regional Maps (in progress)

Alberidge (open/close)

Anoush (open/close)

Arda Hithlass (open/close)

Cyriacus (open/close)

Glinannan (open/close)

Gyoshin (open/close)

Huaxia (open/close)

Jorkhazad (open/close)

Kutotaz Motsham (open/close)


Zeliake (open/close)